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It’s electrifying!

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My name’s Emma Swan. I’m the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, and that apparently makes me the product of true love.

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Everybody hates you
Jason Segel -

"I am not a woman, but the light that falls on this gate, on this ground. I am the seasons, I think sometimes, January, May, November; the mud, the mist, the dawn.(Virginia Woolf, The Waves)

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my new years resolution is 1080p

Mine is 4K.

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 Chromatic Typewriter Prints

Tyree Callahan has recycled (or upcycled, perhaps) a classic 1937 Underwood typewriter by replacing letters with sponges soaked across the spectrum with bright yellows, reds, blues and combinations thereof.

too cool

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2014 resolution: don't fuck it up
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Pilot vs Mid Season Finale

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You hear that? That’s the sound of character development. - Part 3 [x]

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